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Raise funds for your development

Small and medium sized developers often face difficulties in gaining access to equity to make investments and finance the development. At LandDevelop, we help you to acquire the required monetary support by allowing you to leverage from our large pool of investors from around the globe, including HNWIs, family offices, real estate equity funds and institutions, and others.

By working with us, developers could be financed up to 100 percent equity together with bridging loan and development finance.

Developers seeking development equity funding will be able to apply for a minimum amount of £100,000.

We do not charge a fee upfront to property developer, instead we raise our initial fee from investors and charge to the SPV when fully funded as we really want to help you on your cash flow and also in this way will increase our investors return.

Please fill in your details below and let us know what projects you are proposing to raise funds for and we are happy to discuss and answer any queries.